NVLU Traffic Building

The new ProRail traffic control station in Utrecht features a laminated, Corten steel facade.

Due to the fixed, heat-absorbing sun blinds on the outside, the building appears to have a double shell. The choice was made to use blinds made from Corten steel; their rust-brown colour giving the building a rugged look that blends well with the industrial environment. The fact that the blinds on the northern side of the building are flat, whereas those on the other faces are fixed at an increasingly oblique angle the further to the south they are, gives the impression that the building is moving as you pass it by train. This constantly changing shape creates a dynamic effect. The climate inside the building is controlled in a sustainable manner. The orientation of the central traffic control room, the facade design, triple-layered glass, hybrid cooling machines and energy-generating roof all contribute to a comfortable work environment benefitting from ample natural light.

Curious about the possibilities

Corten steel, round-rolled