At Aldowa we literally make dreams come true & one of the crucial ways in which we do this is by operating on a lean & green basis.


  • Risk-sharing partnerships: we share the risk with our customers and suppliers
  • Flow: we ensure continuous business flow
  • Pull: we realise fast lead times
  • Muda and value: we focus on value and eliminate waste
  • Kaizen: we are committed to ongoing improvement
  • Ownership of responsibility is centred low in the organisation (where there is little hierarchy)
  • 5S: we operate neatly, in a tidy work environment

You benefit from:

  • Fewer surprises – we get it right first time!
  • Not bearing the risk alone
  • Learning curves we develop together
  • Shorter lead times
  • Excellent working atmosphere between and within parties.


  • We limit our internal and external movements
  • We separate waste
  • Our paper consumption is sustainable
  • We use aluminium whenever possible, which provides the following benefits:
  1. 100 % recyclable material without loss of quality
  2. recycling takes only 5 % of the energy required for the production of new aluminium
  3. each kilo of aluminium that is added to the recycling process makes the aluminium stronger
  4. aluminium has a high residual value
  5. 94% of aluminium in the Netherlands is recycled
  6. aluminium can be handled and processed with relative ease, meaning minimal energy is required
  7. transport costs are relatively low due to the low specific weight.


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